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Lil Kik

Introducing The Lil Kik, the perfect durable, pocket sized personal sanitizing device, made for everyday, easy use. The Personal Side KIK deploys HOCL and is a powerful on the go, all-purpose cleaning unit.

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personal products

Kik Stand

The Kik Stand is the ideal, light weight and hand sized sanitizing device, perfect for quickly disinfecting surrounding surfaces and objects. Whether that’s your laptop after a long day of work or your tray table on an overseas flight.

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  • What is HOCL?

    HOCL (hypochlorous acid) is naturally produced by our body but can also be manufactured using a specialized process. Learn more about HOCL, and why it’s such an effective sanitizer at defending against viruses like COVID-19.

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  • Nano Spray Technology

    Nano Spray Technology revolutionizes surface cleaning by employing an electrostatic method that aerosolizes HOCL disinfectant, providing comprehensive and consistent coverage that conventional sprays cannot match.

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  • Why Danolyte HOCL?

    We recommend Danolyte hospital level, water based, sanitizer. It's made up of 500ppm free available chlorine hypochlorous acid. Powerful enough to disinfect hospitals, yet gentle enough to disinfect kids toys.

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