Understanding HOCL: Nature's Disinfectant

Understanding HOCL: Nature's Disinfectant

HOCL, or hypochlorous acid, may sound complex, but it’s a substance both remarkably simple and powerful. It’s a type of disinfectant that’s not only super effective at killing germs and deactivating viruses, but also naturally made in our bodies. When we get hurt, our white blood cells produce HOCL to take down invading bacteria and viruses, aiding in our healing process.

Now, we’ve harnessed the power of nature to bring this incredible defense outside the body. Remarkably, scientists have now replicated this molecule by running an electrical charge through a special mix of purified salt and water. The result? A powerful antimicrobial solution capable of obliterating harmful microorganisms, making it highly effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Is HOCL Safe?

HOCL is a safe, non-toxic disinfectant that can be used on all kinds of hard surfaces to keep them free from microbes and infections. In-fact HOCL is known to have up to 100x the germ-killing power of bleach, while still being gentle enough for use with baby toys.

HOCl operates by attacking the invaders that cause infections. It annihilates the cell walls and DNA of harmful microorganisms, halting their ability to grow and spread. This potent substance, also known as anolyte water, is predominantly water, with just a small fraction composed of chloride salts and hypochlorous acid, created through the electrolysis of saltwater.

And when it comes to the pressing question of our times—is HOCl effective against viruses? The answer is yes. Danolyte® HOCl has been shown to deactivate up to 99.9% of bacteria on hard, nonporous surfaces, making it a trusted ally in our ongoing battle for health and safety.

Where can I buy HOCL?

HOCL can be made at home if you have a suitable generator, however we recommend an EPA Approved HOCL supplier like Danolyte® , a hospital level HOCL disinfectant.

When we refer to something as a "Hospital Level Disinfectant," we're talking about a category of disinfectant that meet the highest standards set by the EPA. These disinfectants undergo stringent testing to validate their effectiveness and safety. To earn this label, a product must successfully destroy robust bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, notorious for its resilience and ability to shield itself behind biofilm.

Danolyte is available to purchase through our website, or can be found in a variety of household stores across America.

Danolyte® HOCL

Harness the formidable might of HOCL, nature's own disinfectant, with the convenience and innovation of Our sHIRO Branded  HOCL Applicators. Our applicators are engineered to bring the powerful immune defense of Hypochlorous Acid directly to your fingertips, offering a safe and effective disinfectant solution for both personal and professional settings. Our HOCL Applicators provide a robust line of defense against a wide array of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, ensuring your spaces are not just clean, but hygienically advanced.

The versatility of HOCL is matched by the portability and ease of use of the HIRO applicators. Whether you're looking to safeguard your home, maintain a sterile environment, or ensure a clean workspace, our applicators dispense this hospital-grade disinfectant effortlessly. The cutting-edge nano spray technology within these applicators atomizes the HOCL solution, achieving unparalleled coverage and disinfection efficiency. This means every nook and cranny, every frequently touched surface, and every potential site of contamination can be comprehensively disinfected without the residue or harm associated with traditional chemical cleaners.

In a world where cleanliness has become synonymous with safety, the I Love HOCL Applicators stand as a testament to the seamless integration of science and convenience. They empower you to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in an increasingly health-conscious era. With I Love HOCL, you're not just applying a disinfectant; you're wielding a scientifically-backed, nature-inspired solution that meets the moment's demands with ease and assurance.

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